Health Planning and Community Engagement

Petten Consulting has been conducting research in and around educational and health institutions for a number of years. Our work with these institutions include full-scope evaluations, community consultations, leadership development, and building organizational capacity in communication, research, monitoring and collaborative systems. Through various projects and positions, we use various education and health indicators to evaluate the efficacy of programs on beneficiaries that range from early childhood to older adulthood. We are keenly aware of the benefits of supplementing quantitative indicators with qualitative indicators in education and health research to highlight the subjective experience of gaining an education and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and their subsequent economic, political and social impact. The collective experience of the consultants at Petten Consulting demonstrates this approach and the benefits have been evident in our work with such clients as Right To Play, UNICEF, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and Health Canada.