Project Management and Communication

Petten Consulting often takes on complex projects that require comprehensive and rigorous tools to manage the project. We maintain proprietary project management worksheets and processes that are meant ensure the accountability and communication of our consultants. Most recently, our project with Right to Play to establish a baseline for a 2 year, 8 country program required tremendous project management to ensure that the data that was being analyzed was of the highest quality and truly representative of the program. Our experience working with international partners and programs have given us the experience to use and excel in using advanced Internet collaborative and communication tools. As a team, we prioritize open discussions that allow for authentic communication to happen which will impact decisions during the course of the work. Each consultant on the team is expected to be well acquainted with the project’s purpose, scope and deliverables. From the perspective of the client, there is a clear management structure at Petten Consulting to ensure easy communication and requests for support.